Antique and vintage

We have a great selection of antique and vintage weapons,  if you are looking for something specific we may be able to assist you in your search.  For more information about them, please contact us.

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Collection of Air guns

from £50 to £350

Uberti replica .36 Navy Colt 1851 model percussion revolver


.32 rim fire Tipping & Lawden four barrel pistol


.41 calibre Colt Derringer pocket pistol


.41 calibre Colt Derringer single shot pistol


.32 rim fire Tipping & Lawden four barrel pocket pistol


Uberti replica Army .44 calibre 1860 Colt percussion revolver


Rigby .650 percussion big game rifle


Reproduction British Sea Service flintlock pistol


Enfield Snider .577 rifle with original bayonet and scabbard


Reproduction Brown Bess flintlock musket


DB Percussion 11 bore fowling piece by T.K. Baker London