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J Roberts & Son

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Additional products and services

We import an exclusive range of fine European makes.

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Storage facilities

Gun storage

We are able to store guns at a standard rate of £180 per annum per gun or rifle, or £220 per pair for the same period. Shorter periods by arrangement. Terms and conditions (Ts&Cs) apply, please see below.

Ammunition storage

Storage of ammunition in containers is from £40 per annum depending on quantity and weight. Shorter periods by arrangement. Ts&Cs apply, please see below.

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  • Under exceptional circumstances, temporary storage of up to 6 months can be arranged at the discretion of the management. Charges by negotiation.
  • On the date that 6 months has elapsed and if the items have not been collected, they will be immediately subject to the full year’s Ts&Cs and charges.
  • Charges shown on this page include insurance cover for the first £1,000 value of each item in storage.
  • Insurance values are based on J Roberts & Son’s appraisal of retail replacement cost.
  • Weapons valued in excess of £1,000 will carry an additional insurance charge of 1% of the value above £1,000.
  • We are obliged to charge insurance on storage items whether you have personal insurance on your weapons or not.
  • We require at least one week’s notice in writing of a client’s intention to remove their weapons.
  • No weapons may be removed from our premises without payment in full of any outstanding invoices.
  • It is illegal for us to release weapons/ammunition without presentation of original current certificate by the owner.
  • Gun owners have a responsibility to inform us of change of address and contact details.
  • Indebtedness not settled after 6 months from date of invoice renders the weapons subject to disposal at auction to defray costs.

Ask us

If you have any questions connected with guns, rifles, hunting or shooting, please ask us. If we can't help you directly, we'll almost certainly know someone who can.

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