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The workshop at J. Roberts & Son has produced well over 1,500 new rifles and shotguns, whilst restoring and repairing perhaps 30,000 over the last 50 years.

Almost all of the team started apprenticeships with the firm in their teenage years. Their skills and knowledge being passed to them by gun makers of the old school, who themselves learnt from the craftsman who produced guns during the classic period of the early 20th century.

Working closely to original designs and techniques, our workshop are today producing fine rifles and shotguns in much the same style as firearms built 100 years ago. Whilst we have included many modern and improved methods to our gunmaking process, most work is still done by hand.

Coupled with this, the J. Roberts team has considerable field experience, all of which is used when the workshop produce a new hunting rifle or shotgun. We also have access to many original firearms that can be used as patterns for new builds, giving their modern counterparts a real sense of pedigree.

Not only do the team manufacture guns, we regularly repair, alter, fit, modify and refinish any guns, from a best quality London made shotgun, to a working over-and-under from Italy.

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